Rain Room: Never Get Wet in this Rainstorm 《RANDOM INTERNATIONAL: Out of control》

Have you ever imagined that you could be able to control the weather?

It might seem like a scene from sci-fi movies, but with this black box designed by RANDOM INTERNATIONAL, you could now sing in the rain without getting wet in MoCA Busan.

Video by. ShootingBox

After been exhibited in London, New York and Shanghai, the art piece has now been brought to The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan.

Imagine how romantic could it be when you walk into a raining black box with a white spotlight coming through from the other side of the room? It would be the perfect spot for you to stand in the middle of the rain and take some stunning shots.

Image by @_goodvibeson1y

However, do not worried about getting wet though sound and smell of the rain are intense. It is because Rain Room is controlled though a system of 3D tracking camera placed around the ceiling. When cameras detect a visitor’s movement and signals will be sent to turn off the water nozzles on top of him/her.

Remember not to wear dark, shiny and reflective clothing when you visit the piece, because it may affect the detection of the system.

Image by @givingtree_hyun

Rain Room seeks to explore interpersonal relationships, and also relationship between human and the nature. The questions of “Are we overpowering the nature? Are we having too much control over everything?” are worth thinking.  

Image by @jinew01

Do visit the art piece when you come to MoCA Busan enjoy the romantic rain!

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