Playing Mario Kart in real life! Seoul Race Car Exotic Activity

Real life Mario Kart has been popular for some time now, but there are quite a few restrictions for fans who would like to get a ride. A) You have to travel to Japan and B) you will have to have an International Driving Permit for the ride, which has stopped a lot of fans to enjoy such experience.

Image by ig@nahe.113

However, Hong Kart, a go-kart center located in Mok-Dong, Seoul, has offered a perfect solution for fans who do not have the Permit. The models of kart provided are pretty safe to drive – adults’ kart’s highest speed can only reach 24km/h , while for kids’ kart, highest speed can only reach 8km/h.

Image by ig @ kimhwani87

Hong Kart also provides costume to be lent for the ride. Imagine, lead by an experienced tour guide, you and your friends all dress up as Mario and drive carefree inside Seoul, doesn’t it sound attractive?

Image by naver blog_naru

Let’s guess how much you have to pay for such fabulous experience? Car rental for an hour only cost 25,000 won (approximately HKD 175), 45,000 won for 2 hours (approximately HKD 315) and 50,000 won (approximately HKD 350) for a whole day. Just one thing, age under 7-year-old and height below 130 cm is prohibited to drive alone, make sure your kids meet those before you bring them along.

Image by naver blog_my story, @ beauty__ru Get ready to hit thr road with such amazing journey with your friends. Race Start!

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