Meet beauty of umbrella craft in Seoul! Summer Bloom: A Story of French Umbrellas

HKKK is taking you to a special umbrella exhibition in at PLATFORM-L Contemporary Art Center located in Garosu-gil, Seoul to re-discover the artistic beauty of umbrellas.

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This “Summer Bloom” exhibition is named with a mixture of the flower blooming season in summer and the flower shape-liked of umbrellas once they are opened.

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The works are created by Michel Heurtault, a French master of umbrellas and parasols and Korean artists Kim Yongho and Kwon Jungmo. Not only could you appreciate the artistic value of umbrellas, but may also be amused by the variety of creative styles and techniques.

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<  Michel Heurtault – Foremost creator of umbrellas and parasols >

He was attracted by the charm of umbrellas when he was 8 years old, and began collecting umbrellas and parasols for 30 years. The total number of his collection is over 3,000!

Furthermore, he was awarded Maître d’ Art, an award that is given to the best artisan from the French Ministry of Culture in 2013! You can see his love and passion toward umbrellas in the hall!

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< Knowledge of parasols – Symbol of status for the European aristocratic >

This exhibition features a collection of umbrellas from the 18th to the 20th century, and it reveals history of umbrellas as well as interesting stories related to them.

It is now easy to buy umbrellas anywhere, but in the past, they were considered as social items and traded as wedding gifts or inherited as a family treasure.

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Umbrella was used as a wedding present in the past European aristocratic circles, and its originality was a standard for showing off wealth in French women’s social gatherings. Also, as the Oriental culture entered to the West, many unique umbrellas were made based on the Oriental concept. 

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On the second and third floor of the hall, alongside Heurtault’s French antique collection, Hanji (Korean traditional paper) lighting works <Layers> by Kwon Jungmo, who works on Korean materials and traditional craftsmanship, <blow blow blow> by Kim Yongho that’s shows the four seasons of Jeju Island with its combination of landscape and sound harmonize with the French umbrella collection and fully fill the space.

Unleash your imagination – imagine the sunlight, rain, and wind while enjoying this exhibition, then you will feel like embracing the nature.

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Other than this, PLATFORM-L Contemporary Art Center will hold guided tour every Thursday and Friday 3pm!

Everyone can participate this guided tour. Reservation is not required. Just be there on time!
In this hot rainy summer, let’s take a time machine back to Europe in the 18th to 20th century for those beautiful antique umbrellas!

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