Let’s Travel Back to the Time of Keijō Get Dressed and Enjoy the Time of Keijō over a Cup of Coffee

With the premiere of the Korean drama “Mr. Sunshine”, the time of Seoul being named Keijō has been back in sight. By the time, Western culture was introduced to Korea and seems everything has been westernized.

If you wish to become one of the members of the Time of Keijō, you will have to read today’s travel guide!

Image by tvN, Mr.Sunshine

Vintage Attraction #1: IKSEON BOUTIQUE

Walking out from exit 4 of Jongno3-ga Station, you will find a GU Convenient Store right across the road, and our destination is right on the 3rd floor of the building.

Image by  Naver Blog, @제제와앨리스

Outfits from the Time of Keijō would come into view when you enter “IKSEON BOUTIQUE”, they provide everything, including dresses, pants, shoes and even accessories come in various colors for you dress like you are from the Time of Keijō.

Image by Naver Blog, @생각이나면

They have provided different rental packages with limited time such with 3-hour, 6-hour or even a day or two depends on your need. The package price has already included the rental of the whole look, just remember to turn them in on time.  

Image by Naver Blog 생각이나면

“IKSEON BOUTIQUE” is sweet enough to have a dressing table which they have provided tools like perm clips, hairbands for styling, which is to ensure you have the perfect total look before leaving their store.

Image by Ikseonboutique

When you are don with your look, it’s time for PHOTOS! IKSEON BOUTIQUE has quite a few indoor vintage sets with props for you to choose from. You can of course pose like Ms. Ae-shin from “Mr. Sunshine” with a gun or maximize your innovation to create your own shots.

Image by ikseonboutique,  tvN, Mr.Sunshine

Image by ikseonboutique

There are also outdoor sets in IKSEON BOUTIQUE, you can enjoy as much as you can when you are there. Do bring your friends along and have an amazing trip there!

Image by ikseonboutique

General Enquiry Contact

 Tel. +82 2-747-4310


9 AM – 7PM



3rd Floor, 38 Donghwamunro 11-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Need a break from your photoshoot? Let’s check out the next attraction which you can still take photos while recharge yourself with a cup of nice hot coffee.

Vintage Attraction #1: Kyung Seong 999

When you are all dressed up and do not know where to go next? HKKK recommends you to go to Kyung Seong 999 located in Gangnam District, which you will find yourself perfectly fit in with the setting.

Image by Starsis ,ⓒ경성999

Kyung SEong 999 is more of a boutique café, but you can read from its name that it is exactly themed with the Time of Keijō.

Image by Starsis,경성999

The interior designer has leveraged a lot of historic elements in its design, which hope to showcase the unique Westernized Japanese style within the period of time. With brown-color wood as the main materials for decorations, together with cement wall and white lights, the designer tries to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the café.

Image by Starsis,경성999

You can also spend some time enjoying the art pieces placed, with the vintage seats and standing lights, and all accessories and fixtures that obvious shares characteristics from the 1930s, can easily bring you back to the Time of Keijō.

Image by IG@ kkk767899 , IG@ kelly_ej

General Enquiry Contact

Tel.  +82 2-552-2429


8 AM-9 PM


20, Teheran-ro 114-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Remember to save this travel guide and to explore a different side of Korea in your next trip.

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