Let’s go to the Emerald City! The Museum of OZ

KMCA (K Museum of Contemporary Art) is kicking off a brand new exhibition, ‘ The Museum of OZ’. This is the first time performing fairy tale, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, through an artistic angle in Asia.

The Museum of OZ

Image by MMCA, KMCA

20 multi-media and installation art artists work on this exhibition in order to bring the deviation and relaxation through the trip to Fantasia in the Museum of Oz.

How is the world of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz in the artists’ eye? Let’s take a look!

1. Wire Bird by SunHong Min

1. Wire Bird by SunHong Min

Image by. Romanticodog

The first comes to the art piece, ‘Wire Bird’ by SunHong Min. Creating concept of this art piece is inspired by the scarecrow in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. He used the ‘rubbish’ threw away by people, to make a valuable artpiece. Everything in the world have their whole value, just like the scarecrow in the story, is the main message that he wants to bring to the audience.

2. Mirage by Sonar Lab

2. Mirage by Sonar Lab

Image by. KMCA, Sonar Lab <Mirage>

This green space reproduced the scene that Dorothy first arrive in Emerald City. Mystery green light match up with the movement of audience, and keep changing the background music. Visual and acoustic enjoyment merged into an art piece. Don’t forget to take a photo, make a memorable moment here.

3. Magic Castle by Jieun Gu x Hyunkyung Lee

3. Magic Castle by Jieun Gu x Hyunkyung Lee

Image by. KMCA
Jieun Gu x Hyunkyung Lee ‘ Magic Castle ‘

The encounter of artist and designer!

Artist Hyunkyung Lee crossover with designer Jieun Gu creating a gorgeous art piece, ‘the Magic Castle’. Design concept comes from the things happened after Dorothy falling into the world of OZ. Encounter and conflicts between two worlds change the reality world.

You can take a photo with this art piece, touch it and move it is also available. Varies changes will bring by your movement. Have some fun with this special work!

+ Special Recommendation: ‘ The Museum of OZ ‘ souvenir shop

Image by.땀띠소녀, misshong65

Yearning for more about this exhibition? The souvenir shop located in 2/F may help you.

Postcard, doll, brochure in the theme of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz can be purchased in this store.

Leave an unforgettable memory here!

Image by. KMCA

It’s time to go back to the reality!

Different angle of Dorothy and the wizard of Oz can be found here, every art piece just like a game, really an extraordinary experience when interacting with the art piece.

In addition to the three works mentioned above, some more meaningful piece is waiting for you to discover them. Be the next Dorothy, take some photos and get ‘like’ on the Instagram.

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