Let’s Celebrate Christmas with 90s K-pop Idols! 3 retro Christmas songs sang by 90s Korean idols.

“Gayo Daejeon” has already become the must-watch program for K-pop fans nowadays during Christmas. However, if you are a senior K-pop fan, you might remember the days that you idol would release Christmas songs or even album to accompany your holidays.

HKKK has chosen three songs back in the days and see if they can recall your memories.

1. Fin.K.L – White (1999)

Image by SM

If you have to pick one song representing Christmas, which song would be your choice? We believe “white” from Fin.K.L. would be one of the top picks from the 90s, which is being included in the special album <Finly 2.5>. Rhythmic songs are more welcomed back in the days, which has led “white” become the number 1 Hit Song of the album.

With the intro of traditional Christmas song “Feliz Navidad” and also sound of Christmas bells, you can really feel that Christmas is coming to town. The song has also been covered by Davichi in 2005 and brought it back to sight.

Let’s check it out!

Video by MBC

2. SechsKies – Jekki’s Christmas (1997)

Image by DSP

It is already 23 years after their first debut, SechsKies has go through disband, regroup and finally goes on to be a solo idol. As the legendary idol group, for sure they have released Christmas songs too.  

“Jekki’Christmas” was included in their album <2>, with brisk rhythm, energetic dance moves and Christmassy melody, the song has become a big hit once released. Let’s listen to the song and see how Jekki enjoy his Christmas!

Video by DSP

3. SM Town – Jingle Bell (1999)

Image by SM Town

As a K-pop fan, you must have heard about SMTown, but do you know when they have been first debuted?

The answer is 1999 Christmas! <Christmas In SMTown> is the first Christmas album produced by SM Entertainment and the first time SMTown being presented.

The first generation of SMTown is form by H.O.T, S.E.S, Fly To The Sky, Shinhwa and Yoo Young-jin. All seven songs included are related to Christmas, and the big hit “Jingle Bell” has borrowed the original melody and add-in rap that has rejuvenated the song.

Without further ado, click the below link and feel the charisma brought to you by SMTown,

Video by SMTown

Hope you would like all the songs we shared and have a Merry Christmas ahead!

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