Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute: 핵인싸 = Trendsetter! Korean trendy buzzword episode 5


Hi there! Welcome to “Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute – Episode 5”.

Lead the trend and say the slang! Have you heard of an expression “인싸” (In-sa)? It is commonly used in television programs and online communities in Korea these days! There is also a word “핵인싸to emphasize its meaning. When will Korean people use this funny Korean slang text

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Now let’s learn about the meaning of “핵인싸”

[핵] = Nuclear, meaning super or extreme level [인싸] = A Korean expression to name someone an “insider” – a person who has popularity

“인싸” is used to describe a person who is actively engaged in social gatherings, and can easily get along with others; “핵인싸” emphasizes on describing the popularity of the person.

You can also use “인싸” as the adjective for other nouns to describe the popularity:

“인싸템” = Hit Item
“인싸춤” = Hit Dance
“인싸노래” = Hit Song

Scenario (1): After watching a movie with your friend

Image by. 기생충

A: How was the movie “Parasite”? Wasn’t it shocking?
(기생충 어땠어? 정말 충격적이지 않았어?)

B: I felt so intense for the whole movie. Now I want to take a photo for my Instagram to tell people go for this great movie, any idea for my photo?
(보는내내 정말 놀랐어. 내 인스타그램에 인증샷 올리고 싶은데… 좋은 방법 없을까?)

A: Take reference from the poster! Take a pose just like that movie poster, draw a black line on your face and upload on Instagram is something that real “insiders” do!
(저기 포스터 있네! 영화 포스터처럼 포즈 취하고 얼굴에 검은 줄 그어서 인스타그램에 올리는게 요즘 핵인싸 인증샷이래!)

B: OK! Then let’s take a turn and take it!
(그래! 그럼 서로 찍어주자!)

Scenario (2): When your friend shows-off her new shoes

Image by. 아는형님

A: Wow new shoes? I haven’t seen them before… When did you get them?
(오 그거 뭐야? 처음 보는 신발인데 언제 샀어?)

B: These are the latest shoes from Brand A. These shoes are known as an “item for insiders” among Korean celebrities… You still haven’t bought them?
(이거 얼마 전에 나온 아Brand A신발이야. 이거 연예인들도 많이 신고 완전 핵인싸템인데… 아직 안 샀어?)

A: I should go and buy them to become an insider.
(나도 인싸 되려면 빨리 장만해야겠다.)

Scenario (3): Preparing for college orientation

INSSAImage by. 아는형님  

A: I am going to a college orientation this weekend and they want me to prepare a talent show… Any song or dance recommendation that can make me an “insider”?
(이번 주말에 오티 가는데 장기자랑 준비해오래… 요새 유행하는 인싸춤이나 인싸노래 뭐 있을까?)

B: Oh so you want to become a true “insider” right away? Don’t kill the vibe with the song from decades ago that you always sing in a karaoke… How about performing the latest K-Pop songs or dances by idol groups?
(오호 가자마자 핵인싸 되려고? 평소처럼 너가 노래방에서 부르는 20년전 노래 준비해가서 분위기 망치지 말고… 아이돌 그룹 노래나 안무 찾아보고 준비하는건 어때?)

A: Yeah I should. From now on, I should find videos and practice to become a real “insider”!
(그래야겠다. 가자마자 동기들 사이에서 핵인싸 되려면 지금부터 영상 찾아서 연습해야지!)

INSSA4Image by. 마이리틀 텔레비전

Today we learned about a Korean slang text “핵인싸” who is very outgoing and easily get along with others in various occasions.

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