Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute: 취존 Korean trendy buzzword episode 6

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Learning K-Pop slang classroom episode 6!

Lead the trend and say the slang!

Do you know that nearly 70% of existing Korean words are originated from Chinese characters? As time goes by, some of them evolved and become popular Korean slang phrases.

Have you argued with your friends over your idols, or whether should we dip or pour the sauce while eating fried chicken? There is a magical K-Pop slang that might help getting over with such situations.

Let’s check out our video and see which K-Pop slang we are talking about.

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As the video mentioned,

[취] = Abbreviation for “취향” (preference, taste)
[존] = Abbreviation for “존중” (respect)

The Korean slang phrase, 취존, is a combination of “preference” and “respect”. The phrase itself means we should respect each other’s personality and choices, to make the world a better place.

Scenario (1) : When you are eating rice noodles with your friend

Image by. 맛있는 녀석들

A: I haven’t eaten rice noodles for ages and it tastes really good! By the way, what have you put on your noodles?
(오랜만에 쌀국수 먹으니깐 진짜 맛있다 ! 근데 너 지금 쌀국수에 넣어서 먹는건 뭐야 ?)

B : It’s coriander, I always have my noodles with it. Why?
(고수라는 채소인데 나는 항상 이렇게 먹는게 더 맛있더라고. 무슨 문제라도 있어?)

A: Nothing, it’s just the scent is really strong…
(아니 다 괜찮은데 향이 너무 강해서…)

B: Respect my taste bud! I ate like this since I was a kid!
(취존 좀 해줘! 나는 어렸을때부터 이렇게 먹었다고!)

Scenario (2) : When you are window shopping with your friend

Image by. LiveOne

A: I really like the new products from this years’ F/W season! They are just my cup of tea!
(이번 F/W 시즌에 나온 신상 너무 멋있는거 같아! 완전 취저템이라니깐!)

B : Are you sure? To me, the previous season looks much better.
(그래 ? 난 잘 모르겠어… 저번 S/S 시즌 디자인이 더 낫지 않아 ?)

A : Let’s respect each other on our taste and preferences.
(음… 이런건 개인 취향 따라 다른거니깐… 우리 서로 취존해주자 !)

Scenario (3) : Discussing about favorite football teams

Image by. KFA

A: I heard you started to watch football games, which is your favorite team?
(얼마 전부터 축구 보기 시작했다고 들었는데 제일 좋아하는 팀은 어디야?)

B: Busan Giants FC is my favorite. I might not know-it-all about football but I found them really attractive!
(나는 부산 자이언츠 FC를 제일 좋아해. 아직 보는건 잘 모르지만 정말 매력적인 팀인거 같아!)

A: Oh really? The team has not won even once in championship and only have very few fans.
(아 진짜? 근데 그 팀 아직 우승 경험도 없고 팬들도 별로 없잖아.)

B: Can you please respect my choice? They are now in the first place and will win the championship this season for sure!
(취존 좀 해줄래? 그리고 아직까지 1등이고 올 시즌엔 꼭 우승할거거든?!)

Today we learned about a new K-pop slang — “취존”! The Korean slang phrase means not to blame or dislike each other even if you do not share the same side or opinions. Make a good use this word might help you to avoid arguing with your friends!

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See you next time!

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