Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute: 복세편살 ( bok sae pyeon sal) Korean trendy buzzword episode 9

Hello! Welcome back to our “Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute” episode 9!

Usually people would say “Don’t think too much, relax!”, “take it easy!” when seeing friends in a nervous and annoying mood. But how to explain that in Korean? Don’t worry, today HKKK will teach you the new buzzword – 복세편살!

Image by SM Entertainment, NCT

Direct translation of “복세편살 :

‘복’ = Abbreviation of복잡한 ( complicated)

‘세’ = Abbreviation of세상 (In this world)

‘편’ = Abbreviation of편하게 (comfortably/simply)

‘살’ = Abbreviation of살자 (live)

So the whole sentence means “Let’s live a simple life in this complicated world!” Click the video and check out how to use this K-pop slang in a daily conversation!


”복세편살 해라” (Take it easy!)

Image by EBS

Let’s see more examples of this K-pop slang.

Scenario (1):  When nervous about the exam result

Image by TvN, 나의 아저씨

A: This exam result may not be as good as I expected…

    (이번에 시험 잘 못 볼 것 같아..)

B: Why? You had prepared for long time~

    (왜?그동안 준비 많이 했잖아~)

A: Yes, but still so nervous.

     (그렇긴한데, 그래도 좀 긴장돼.)

B:  Take is easy, your result will be fine!

    (이럴때일수록 복세편살.. 잘 될거야!)

Scenario (2): When ordering food in a restaurant

Image by 도현

A: What should I do… wanna take fried chicken, pizza and spaghetti as well..

    (어떻게하지.. 치킨도 먹고 싶고 피자도 먹고싶고…스파게티도 먹고싶은데..)

B: Ah! Two of us can finish all?

    (헉 우리 둘이서 그렇게 많이 먹을 수 있어?)

A: That’s why I am struggling now.. Just order fried chicken? Or pizza?

    (내가 그래서 고민중이잖아..ㅠㅠ 치킨만 먹을까? 아님 피자? )

B: Okay! Don’t make it so complicated, take them all!

    (야 그냥 복세편살해, 다시켜!)

Scenario (3): When comforting a friend

Image by SBS, 복수가 돌아왔다

A: Why nothing went smooth this year? I have to worry so many things …

    (올해는 왜이렇게 되는일이 없지?신경 쓸것도 많고…)

B: When problems can’t be solved and don’t know what to do, tell yourself “It’s because I am cute!”.

(일이 잘 안풀리고 모르겠을때는 ‘역시 내가 귀여운 탓인가라고 생각해봐.)


That’s all of our K-pop slang class today. Hope you can well understand the meaning of “복세편살” and its usage.

If you want to learn more about K-pop slang, don’t forget to follow our “ Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute"series! See you next time!

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