Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute: 마상 Korean trendy buzzword episode 7

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Learning K-Pop slang classroom episode 7!

Lead the trend and say the slang!

Today we will share with you a simple but common phrase that you can use when you are getting hurt  emotionally or in shock.

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Let’s check out our video to learn the K-Pop slang. 

As the video mentioned,

[마] = Abbreviation for “마음” (heart)

[상] = Abbreviation for“상처” (hurt)

The Korean slang phrase, 마상, is a combination of “heart” and “hurt”. The phrase itself means heartbroken, which can be used when you feel sad or emotionally hurt by somebody.


“나 오늘 마상이야” ( Feeling upset )
“마상이 아주 깊은 상태야”(Suffering from great trauma)

Just one thing, some elderly Koreans might catch the wrong meaning as horseback or 말상 (someone with long face, just like a horse), so better be clear when you trying to use the slang.

Let’s see some examples in using the K-Pop slang.

Scenario (1): Chatting with friends after breaking up with boyfriend


A: Have you made up with your boyfriend?
(A : 저번에 남자친구랑 싸우고 화해 잘 했어?)

B: Don’t talk about him. We’ve have separated and my heart feels like broken.
(B : 지금부터 남자친구라는 말 금지야. 나 어제 헤어져서 완전 “마상”이야.. )

A: Oh, really? That’s why you look so down. Who wanted this in the first place?
(A :  헉 진짜? 너 엄청 “마상” 이겠다. 누가먼저 헤어지자고했어? )

B: It really hurts even to think about it, can we not talk about it?
(B :  정말 그때 그 상황을 생각하는 것 만으로도 “마상”이야.. 더히상 묻지말아줘..)

A: Ok, don’t be sad anyway, cheer up!
(A : 그래 알겠어.. 더 “마상”받지말고 힘내!)

Scenario (2): Arguing with a friend

A: Hey, isn’t that senior pretty? I wish she would be my girlfriend.
(A : B야, 저 선배 너무 예쁘지 않냐. 저런 여신이 내 여자친구였으면 좋겠다. )

B: Stop dreaming! You are ugly, and that senior deserves to date with a handsome guy.
(B : 너는 못생겨서 안돼. 저 언니는 연예인처럼 잘생긴 사람만 만나.  )

A: Hey, it’s hurts! I don’t think I am that ugly.
(A : 못생겼다니.. 나 너무 “마상”이야! 그렇게 못생기지 않았어.)

B: Sorry that you feel being hurt, but I am just telling the truth. You are ugly as a squid.
(B: “마상” 이여도 어쩔 수 없어. 너는 오징어같아.  )

Scenario (3): Failed to lose weight

Image by. 드라마 오마이비너스 

A: I lost 5 kg within a month! Today I will eat everything I wanted to eat!
(A : 드디어 한달만에 5kg감량에 성공했어..!! 오늘은 먹고싶은 거 다 먹을거야! )

B: Really? I don’t see the difference, is it just your scale broken?
(B : 살 하나도 안빠진 것 같은데..? 체중계 고장난거 아니야?)

A: It really hurts when you say so. Do you know how hard it is when I try to get away from fried chicken’s temptation?
(A : 야.. 그런말 하면 나 진짜 “마상”이야. 내가 그동안 치킨의 유혹을 얼마나 뿌리쳤는데..!)

B: I can’t help even if it hurts. You should carry on till it really happens!
( “마상” 이어도 어쩔 수 없어! 더 열심히 해서 다이어트 제대로 성공해야지!! )

Today we learned about a new K-pop slang — “마상”! Do try to use the newly learnt Korean slang phrase when you get hurt emotionally or in shock.

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See you next time!

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