Learning K-Pop Slang in 1-minute: 낄끼빠빠 Korean trendy buzzword episode 8

Hello! Welcome back to our “Learning K-pop Slang in 1-minute” episode 8!

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How do we express “Put yourself in someone shoe” in Korean? Today, HKKK is going to share with you a buzzword – 낄끼빠빠, to help you with the situation. 

Direct translation of “낄끼빠빠should be as follow,

낄끼’=  Abbreviation of ‘ 끼다’ (Join in when you should have)

빠빠’=  Abbreviation of ‘빠질 빠진다’ (Mind you own business)

Let’s check out our video and see how we usually use this k-pop slang.


너는 좀 낄끼빠빠 해라 ! (Please read the situation!)

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Here are more examples.

Scenario (1): Chatting over Christmas plans

Image by MBC아버님 제가 모실게요

A: You got any plans for Christmas day?

    (크리스마스에 뭐 할지 정했어?)

B:Yes! I will have Christmas dinner and watch movie with my boyfriend, how about you?

     (응 정했어, 나는 그날 남자친구랑 레스토랑에서 식사도하고 영화도 보러 갈거야! 너는?)

A:Really? No idea, may I join your movie date?

      (진짜? 나는 아직 뭐 할지 못정했는데. 계획 없는데 같이갈까?)

B: Hey! Put yourself in my shoe! It is Christmas!

      (헉.. 좀 낄끼빠빠 해라! 크리스마스인데…)

A:Okay, next time then.

     (그래 알겠어.. 다음에 가자그럼!)

Scenario (2): When your friend invites you to a Christmas party.

Image by MBC주간아이돌, JTBC아이돌룸

A:Hey, My friend will have a Christmas party next week, let’s go together!

      (다음 주에 내 친구가 크리스마스 파티 한다는데 같이 갈래?)

B:Christmas party? But I don’t really know them…

     (크리스마스 파티라고?! 근데, 난 니 친구들 잘 모르는데..괜찮을까?)

A:No worry, just be thoughtful and act usual.

      (괜찮아, 낄끼빠빠하면 되지.)

B:Yes, sure!

     (알겠어, 같이 가자!)

Scenario (3): When discuss with colleagues

Image by. KBS해피투게더

A:Hey everyone! Shall we discuss the theme for next month?
(여러분 지금부터 다음 달 주제에대해 좀 토론해볼까요?)

B:There are plenty of till next month, shall we think of what to have for lunch?

(다음 달이니까 천천히 생각해도 괜찮지 않을까요… 먼저 오늘 점심은 뭐 먹을지 정하는게 좋을 것 같은데..)

A:Hello! Read the signs here and do the right thing!

 (야! 좀 눈치있게 낄끼빠빠하면 안 돼? )

B:Oh, sorry for that!

(알겠어, 미안해!)

Hope you have grasped the meaning of the slang “낄끼빠빠”, and fell free to use it when appropriate.

If you want to know more about K-pop slang, don’t forget to follow our “K-Pop Slang in 1-minute”! Let’s lead the trend and learn the slang!


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