《 Koreans in HK 》 Episode 5 – Hojin Kim, a Korean Youtuber in Hong Kong Seeing Hong Kong from a Korean perspective

Koreans in Hong Kong

We are back with fifth episode of <Koreans in HK>! In this episode, we will talk with Ms. Hojin Kim, living as a Youtuber and IT consultant in Hong Kong.

In the bustling Hong Kong, many would feel exhausted with their routine day to day jobs. However, after relocated to Hong Kong from Korea, Hojin is not only getting a full-time job, but also busy to live a life as a Youtuber for recording her moments in Hong Kong. To know more about her life, let’s check the video!

Let’s learn more about Hojin’s life in Hong Kong!

1. Why became a Youtuber and recording videos?
Whenever there is spare time, Hojin would record her life in Hong Kong. Actually, she has this idea only after moving to Hong Kong!

Firstly she wants to interact with more people, especially those with similar background as hers, living in Hong Kong as a foreigner or expatriate. She would like to bring them positive energy, encourage them to support each other.

Secondly rather than texting, she thinks video recording is way more effective to tell her stories to her family and friends. That’s how she started to take vlogs!

2. Hongkongese can speak 3 languages?!
When asked about her first impression about Hong Kong, Hojin was surprised to see that people in Hong Kong can speak 3 languages.

She was often complimented in Korea, because speaking fluent English is something incredible in Korea. Moreover, her English was at business level which made many people envy her.

However, after coming to Hong Kong, she realized that most of people in Hong Kong can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Hojin thought she should work harder on her language skills.

3. Loves Hong Kong’s wet market
Hojin really likes trying something new, such as making different kinds of dishes. For her, cooking has a healing effect, which allows her to forget the daily stress.

When she first arrived Hong Kong, she went to Supermarket for groceries as she could understand the English descriptions easily on the price tags. However, she soon fell in love with wet market since her friend brought her there for the very first time.

She said comparing wet market to supermarket, things were much cheaper in wet market while the quality was just the same. She admitted that sometimes she did not understand and could not communicate with the stall owners. That’s why she usually goes to the wet market together with her local friends. And this won’t stop her love towards wet market!

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