Korean Underground Cultural Festival featuring Contemporary K-Art Good Night: Energy Flash

Itaewon is known as the “Island of Freedom” in Korea.

A multicultural place with exotic vibes, Koreans are proud of Itaewon as an iconic chic landmark.


<Good Night: Energy Flash Exhibition with underground culture theme>

Video by 현대카드

<Good Night: Energy Flash> is held from now till August 25 – the exhibition reinterprets the underground scene from the perspective of contemporary art, to reinvent the space of night life and to display the energy of freedom.

From this exhibition, visitors are able to view 50 works by 17 renowned contemporary artists, including: MacArthur Fellowship winner filmmaker artist Wu Tsang, Turner Prize winner photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, renowned DJ and producer Peggy Gou, Korean photographer Jungwook Mok and installation artist Wonwoo Lee.

Hyundai Card

Images by. Hyundai Card, assum vivid astro focus, Homocrap #1, Dance Therapy

This exhibition shows how contemporary artists have embraced elements of underground culture with photography, paintings, visual arts, etc. in their works and offers a glimpse into the different facets of society conveyed by the artworks as well as giving a full sensory experience.

HKKK recommends must-see artworks by renowned artists just for you!

1.    Refresh the daily life: Wonwoo Lee


Images by. Hyundai Card, wonwoolee.com You Are My Burning Light

Once you enter the exhibition, you can see neon light work with smiley faces. These are artworks of Wonwoo Lee’s “You Are My Burning Light” series. The artist enjoys seeking inspirations from life experiences and daily joyous events to create works. The neon artworks totally elevate the underground subculture vibe to the exhibition!

2.  Archive of underground club culture: Wolfgang Tillmans, Mark Leckey

Images by. Hyundai Card, The Spectrum, Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

Walking into the basement floor of exhibition, you can see a photograph <The Spectrum> by Wolfgang Tillmans and a video work <Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore> by Mark Leckey ! While Wolfgang Tillmans’ photo expresses underground culture and social issues, Mark Leckey’s video sensibly highlights history of the subculture from the 1970s to the 1990s.

3.  Sensational collaboration with fashion and art: Wu Tsang

Video by Gucci

Spotlight artwork of this exhibition!

 <Into a Space of Love> is a video created by Wu Tsang with the invitation of British art media “Frieze” and popular luxury brand “Gucci”.
This work has reinterpreted the meaning of nightlife spaces in New York, spaces filled with love and pain.

Special Recommendation: Exhibition related art and cultural activities

Various underground cultural programs are also waiting for you!

Images by. blog.naver.com/sound8949

Electronic Music Talk Show <Talk: Energy Flash>, DJ Workshop <Storage X DJing Workshop>, and DJ performances from major clubs in Itaewon <Club Curated #1. Cake shop> are all calling for you! Check for more details on Hyundai Card Storage’s official website!

DJ Drop the beat! Feel the colorful lights with your friends in Itaewon and experience the underground festival!

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