Korean – HK Fusion Noodles [ EP 3 : Korean Famous Food Reinvention! ] Hong Kong style Zha Jiang Mian


《HIP K-FOOD WITH CHEF YONG》 episode 3 is here!

In this episode, Chef Yong was challenged to use  ingredients from Hong Kong wet market to make popular Korean food  Zha Jiang Mian !


It looks complicated at first, but in fact, it’s easy to make! For those who love Korean food, don’t miss our cookery video. Let’s play the clip!



 EP 3 :  Korean Famous Food Reinvention ! Hong Kong style Zha Jiang Mian


Korean food recipe


Ingredients : Shanghai noodles, some black beans, dried shrimp, 4 pieces of Char Siu, soy sauce, 1 potato, 1 onion, some spring onion, 1/4 cabbage, half zucchini, brown sugar



1.        Soak the dried shrimp into the water overnight



1.        Wash the black beans, then steam the dried shrimp and black beans for 15 minutes

2.        Chop the potato, onion, spring onion, cabbage, zucchini and Char Siu

3.        Add water to the steamed dried shrimp and black beans and put into the mixer

4.        Paste’s making : Dry the spring onion, and then put Char Siu, onion, zucchini, potato and cabbage in it. Add the soy sauce, brown sugar and the mixed dried shrimp and black beans

5.        Cook Shanghai Noodles, then put it under running water

6.        Fry the Char Siu

7.        Put the paste you just made on the Shanghai noodles

8.        Put the Char Siu and zucchini on the Shanghai noodles

korean food

That’s it, enjoy the tasty Hong Kong style famous Korean food!

If you find this Korean food recipe useful, save it for future use! We will bring more Korean food recommendations in the next episode, stay tuned!


<About  Chef  Yong>
Chef Yong has  been the Executive Chef of BIB N HOPS, a modern Korean restaurant, since 2016. Collaborating with the three Michelin Stars chef Alvin Leung, Yong has been creating innovative Korean food which fuse Korean traditional cuisines with street foods in a chic hip-hop way, for Hong Kong people and foreigners.

The magic kitchen cooking videos of Chef Yong are available on HKKKulture website. Stay hungry and stay tuned!

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