Do you remember the most heart-warming moment in love? “KISS” always seems to have the magic to pull lovers closer than ever, but how does artists see “KISS” through their artistic eyes?

Image by. K Museum of Contemporary Art

K Museum in Seoul has held an exhibition titled as “KISS: LOVE MOMENT”, and invited artists all over the world to participate and collected more than 50 art pieces.

Image by. K Museum of Contemporary Art

Let’s HKKK bring you into the world of LOVE & KISS and look at the art works we handpicked for your appreciation.

Image by. K Museum of Contemporary Art

Lee,  Hou Cheong <Castle of Desire>

Image by. Yna, Hotel De Luna

Have you watched “Hotel De Luna”? The tree(월령수) which Jang Man-wol been taking care of, have become part of the artwork. Do not miss this if you are a fan of the drama series.  

Ku, Ji-eun  <Ping Pang Institute>

Image by. K Museum of Contemporary Art, @da_daa9

What is polluting your life and your mind?

Love is a sweet and beautiful thing, but when you broke up, the memories shared would always be haunting you. Through work of Ku, Ji-eun, you can see how she represents the feeling of breaking up.

Thomas Blanchard X Wu, Yie-huk <COLOURS x COLOURS>

Image by.  K Museum of Contemporary Art

How would you represent the charming and dazzling moment of “KISS”? The video art from Thomas Blanchard X Wu, Yie-huk might help answering the question. Let’s dive in the world of space and dimensions to feel the love.

Image by. K Museum of Contemporary Art

Do come and visit the one and only “KISS:LOVE MOMENTS” exhibition with your loved ones and discover more here in at K Museum in Korea!

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