K-Pop Summer Playlist (2): Chillaxing tunes for lazy days Enjoy summer with the relaxing K-Pop tracks

HKKK has carefully picked 5 songs that you can casually listen to it, not only just songs by K-pop idols 2019 or from K-pop idol dramas (some of them are “Korean cafe recommended”), but also the songs that you might not be familiar with.

1.      Shaun – Way Back Home (2018) 

지금 다시 way back home
Now again way back home

Image by Kpopmap

HKKK would like to introduce an alternative K-pop idol this time, he is Shaun!

You may not be familiar with this artist. His name is “Shaun” from independent music label and already known as an “EDM Giant” in Korea. Moreover, his song “Way Back Home” made his current reputation and topped several music charts in Korea.

Although the lyrics may not be “summerish”, its Western style music arrangement makes the song so “chill” for relaxing summer.

Lay on the beach and close your eyes, relieve your daily stress with the sound of waves in a mid-summer dream!

Video by. Shaun

2.       Heize – You, cloud, rain (2018)

비도 오고 그래서 네 생각이났어
Because it was raining, I thought of you

Image by Kpop behind

Summer is a rainy season in Hong Kong. The best way to spend your rainy days is to stay at home and listen to acoustic tunes.

The melody played with piano is so heart-touching, Heize’s warm and sentimental tones go through listeners’ minds and deep inside their memories. Although the lyrics are describing the moment of parting, the song’s tempo is neither too slow nor too dark. Intermittent drum beats resemble the sounds of raindrops on window. Simply turn your headphone’s volume louder and clear your emotion and thoughts.

Video by. Stone Music Entertainment

3.      Paul Kim – Wanna love you (2017)

Hold your hand let the world change

Image by. The Korea Herald

Sunset party just for you and your lover!

This is a love song that makes you feel very comfortable, and repeating lyric “I wanna love you baby” will stay in your head. This song’s rhythm is balanced, tempo is moderate, and such features make listeners feel relaxed. The best way to enjoy this song is feel the sea breeze with your lover while the sun is setting!

Video by. Official Paul Kim

4.      IU – Sleepless rainy night (2017)

비 오는 소리에 내 마음 젖었네
My heart is drenched in the sound of the rain

Image by. kpopasiachan

Being the talented singer and actress, IU is already in the K-Pop idol game for over a decade.

IU covered this song –  Kim Gun Mon’s “Sleepless Rainy Night”, re-arranged the Hiphop beats to slow- tempo love song. Soft melody made by drum and guitar sounds maximize IU’s clear and sweet voice. With the Rap part of in the middle of this song makes you have a sense of rhythm. The best way to feel this song is to listen during rainy days!

Video by. 1theK

5.     Yoona – Summer night (2019)

Summer night 긴 여름 해가 질 때면
Summer night when the long summer sun sets

Image by Allkpop

When the night falls, we should empty our mind and cherish the summer night! Yoona’s clear voice would melt you down and soothe you out from the daily nuisance in a peaceful world. We suggest you to listen to this song at sunset as its refreshing and moderate rhythms would let you forget your exhausting work day and wait for a peaceful night to come.

Enjoy the magical moment before the dusk falls in the summer night!

Video by. SM Town

Enjoy this playlist when you want to relax and chill for a K-Pop summer!

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