K-Pop Summer Playlist (1): Upbeat Party Songs Enjoy summer with the hottest K-Pop tracks

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Summer is the best season to have a party with bright sunshine and clear beaches. Let us recommend some K-pop songs to blast your heat away and enjoy your kpop travel!

HKKK has picked 5 songs to refresh your summer and listen while partying and traveling. Let these songs be yours and enjoy your Korean style summer days!

1.       BTS – Boy With Luv (2019)

저 하늘을 높이 날고 있어
I am flying high up in the sky


Image by bighit

Kpop idol BTS’ “Boy With Luv” featuring American singer-songwriter “Halsey” is different from previous electro music style, with a twist to focus on Funk Pop this time, the strong and hyper beats create fun excitements! Although this song is not about summer, but the highly addictive chorus “Oh my my my Oh my my my” makes people to sing and dance along! For sure a must to add this song to your summer party playlist!

Video by bighit

2.  Red Velvet – Red Flavor (2018)

깨물면 점점 녹아든 strawberry 그맛!
That slowly melting strawberry taste when you bite into it


Image by SM Town

On hot summer days, one of the best ways to cool yourself down is having a bite of fresh and sweet fruit! Cheerful melody and “fruits” in between the lyrics make this song more addictive. Choreography filled with energy makes you just want to stand up and dance! Dance Break and Rap parts make this song more “fruity”. When you are burning with passion, let’s party with this song!

Video by SMTown

3. Winner – Island (2017)

떠나자 Island !
Let’s go to Island!


Image by YG엔터테이먼트 

Summer is always the best season to travel! K-Pop idol Winner’s ‘Island’ inspires everyone to shake their bodies in tropical rhythms with unique choreography. The hyped beats are also calling us to get out there with a bunch of friends and enjoy the one-of-a-kind tropical island style party!

Video by YG official

4. Twice – Dance The Night Away (2018)

저 바다 건너 들릴 듯 소리 질러
Scream loud they can hear you across the ocean 


Image by Jypnation

Let’s have an exciting party with kpop idol Twice! This dance song is fulfilled with summer vibe in the cheerful melodies. Twice’s vibrant and energetic choreography freshens up the atmosphere. Let’s party up the summer heat and dance the night away all together!

Video by Jypentertainment

5. BOL4 (Blushing Youth) – Travel (2018)

Take me to new world anywhere 어디든
Take me to new world anywhere wherever it is 


Image by 1theK

Leave all your worries and let’s go for a kpop travel! This song’s melody is chillaxing and the lyrics are in the vibe. Feeling tired of your daily work routine and want a summer getaway?

Spice up the summer joy with this song now!

Video by 1theK 


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