K-Art News: MMCA 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition Young Korean Artists 2019 : Liquid Glass Sea


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of MMCA (The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)’s opening, it presents <Young Korean Artists 2019: Liquid Glass Sea> until this year September 15th. It is the longest and the most honorable project for excavating new artists in Korea!  

Image by. MMCA

This 19th edition museum program features works by 9 artists : Keem Jiyoung, Song Minjung, Ahn Sungseok, Yoon Doohyun, Lee Eunsae, Chang Seo Young, Chung Heemin, Choi Haneyl, and Hwang Sueyon, and introduce Korean artists’ “young sensation”.

“Liquid Glass Sea”, from the subtitle of this exhibition are common keywords found in the works by 9 artists that symbolize the free and flexible attitude of promising young artists in Korea, whose works cannot be summarized in a complete sentence in the gaps between the words. (reflected in the gaps between the words)

Furthermore, the words also signify the characteristics of the artists, who reflect the landscape inside and outside reality in an even more clear and transparent way like the hard but delicate liquid crystal glass, as well as the artists’ infinite potentials to continue to flow in the future like the endlessly rolling sea.

video by. MMCA

These 9 artists introduced in the exhibition extract certain properties and sentimentality discovered in media such as images, smartphone applications, and YouTube, confronting periodical concerns, while others letting themselves float around in the flow of the Internet space. Now let’s have a look what kind of works you can see in this exhibition !

1.  < Look at This Unbearable Darkness > –  Keem Jiyuong

Image by. MMCA

Keem Jiyoung delivers a message that we should concern about the disaster caused by the social system and the individuals who have been sacrificed because of this to prevent not to make it happen again

2. <Talker> – Song min Jung

Image by. <토커>손민정

 Song Minjung draws on the way in which pop culture such as social media is consumed, and talks about “present” as a material between online and offline, real and virtual.

3. <When I was born In, Crled and the world rejolced > – AHN Sung Seok

Image by. MMCA, <나는 울면서 태어났지만, 많은 사람들은 기뻐했다>ⓒ안성석

Ahn Seongseok uses photos, videos, and games as the main media and throws questions with motif of his work, which is the intersection at his personal experience, generation and era where he belongs, and realistic situation and historic records of the nation and system

4. <Mojave Day and Night> – Yoon Doohyun  

Yoon Doohyun

Image by. MMCA <모하비 낮밤> 윤두현

 Yoon Doohyun crosses the boundaries of imagination, virtual, and reality, and uses computer background images to create a vast landscape to express his own formative language.

Come and check more works! This exhibition is composed of these artists’ new works and there are 53 pieces in total!

Image by. lynea

<Young Korean Artists 2019: Liquid Glass Sea> exhibition not only showcases artists’ works, but you can also watch documentary videos that contain these artists’ production process at the end of this exhibition.

If you are interested in Korean art and Korean artists’ unique art world, better to check their philosophies and true stories from this exhibition!

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