Just Seoul Cool EP.4 ID Photo DIY with 2019 fashion trends in South Korea- Be your own stylish with the auto-beautify functions. Newest and coolest Korean ID Photo Machine

id photo machine

In this Just Seoul Cool episode, we’ll show you how are the ID Photo booths along with the 2019 fashion trends in South Korea different from those in Hong Kong.

Thinking of the standard ID photo machines on the street or in the metro stations, one would expect routine and boring ID photos with simple background colours and limited flexibilities. We would use it only when we are in a rush with no other better options.

However, the recent ID photo machines in Korea provides beautifying effects. It becomes one of the popular Korean fashionable trends beloved by the youngsters!

Why it is so popular and how it becomes one of the fashion trends in South Korea? Let’s check it out from the video!

https://youtu.be/pF2KJ_RUAZA id photo machine

1. Choose your language
If you look at the screen, you can select your own language such as Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. It’s so convenient for tourists.

id photo machine

2. Shoot it, and pick your favorite one
Even if you are done with your first shooting, you still have 3 more chances to go! After it is completely done, you can pick your most favorite one among them!

id photo machine

3. Position Adjustment
Simply touch the screen with your index finger! Drag your picture where the center line is marked.

id photo machine

4. Remove your blemishes
After done with adjusting the position, let’s quickly scan your face and see if there is anything you want to cover up or erase! If you have found any annoying skin troubles or flaws, all you need to do is use your index finger again for delicate touches! Then you will be reborn with a crystal clear face!

id photo machine

5. Photoshop Time
This is the moment! Time to retouch your photo with different types of beautifying filters!

Featured adjustments are skin brightness, shadow, blush, eyebrows, bright eyes, eyebags, eye size, forehead size, hair size, slim face and more.

With so many selections available, , so use your time wisely by checking the time marker on the top right corner!

id photo machine

6. Choose your favorite background
Hold your breath. Because this ID photo machine has 11 colour backgrounds! From pastel to gradation colours, choose your own favorite one.

id photo machine

Mission Accomplished
Ta da! After a few minutes, you can finally have “ulzzang” ID photos in your hand!

For just 6,000 Korean Won (HKD 40) each time. That’s bang for your buck!

If you spot this ID photo machine during your Kpop travel, you should try this fashionable trend in South Korea! It will surely provide you a copy of cool picture and good memories in Korea!

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