Just Seoul Cool EP.3 –Must-Eat in Korea: Art Monster, Korea’s old Hong Kong style bar Unique handcrafted beer bar

art monster

If you go to Korea for travel, it is always good to have a Korean food famous tour that can explore local Korean cuisine. If you are staying too long in Korea and only eat Korean food, you will definitely miss Hong Kong food.

So this episode will talk about Korean food recommendation program, bringing you to a bar that combines Korean handcraft beer and Hong Kong’s nostalgic atmosphere. Ready to feel like Hong Kong in Seoul? Let’s go!

1. Hottest Insta-spot of 2019: Welcome to Hong Kong’s neon world

When you walk into Art Monster, you will see a lot of lightings with characteristics of Hong Kong. Welcome back to Hong Kong! Everyone should visit this place, since this hot atmosphere is not only apply to selfie lovers, even famous Korean celebrity Hyuna came here for the advertisement photoshoot too! Hyuna’s YSL x Vogue advertisement was shot in the background of neon lights.

Image by Vogue

No wonder it is the hottest photo spot for Koreans in 2019!

2. Walk into Art Monster: Hong Kong styled ice room interior

Image by watchme

With red and green lights, military green checkered floor, and the old-styled tiles, Art Monster provides a nostalgic style, bringing you back to the 1980s and 1990s Hong Kong. Even the chairs inside are same as those in the ice rooms in old Hong Kong. Sitting here to eat Korean food surely gives you a unique experience!

“Oppa” waiter also told us that some Koreans who really want to go to Hong Kong but do not have the opportunity yet can also visit Art Monster to have a taste of Hong Kong’s local atmosphere!

Image by watchme

3. Art Monster’s Korean food recommendation: Authentic Korean food famous Chimak (Chicken and beer)


In addition to the decoration, the handcraft beer in the store is one of the most unique features of Art Monster. Every handcraft beer in Art Monster is self-brewed and unique. It can’t be found anywhere else. Some of them won prizes, so it’s worth a try!

Art Monster provides pizza, fried chicken, French fries, and other Korean food recommendation for drinks, which are perfect for a large group of friends to share!

When you visit Korea, you must not miss this nostalgic bar and try these tasty must-eat in Korea!

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