In this Autumn, let’s get into the details of Korean Weddings HKKK shares with you three tips to the Korean Weddings

November is always special to Koreans, because they see the month as “Loving Season” as well as “Wedding Season”. To have the perfect wedding with blessings from friends and family in the chilly weather is always dreams of Korean girls.

What should we prepare if a friend of yours inviting you to a Korean wedding? HKKK would like to share with you a few tips to become the perfect guest for the perfect wedding.

1. Thank You Studio: The playful and special wedding shots!

If you saw the idol-like posters hanged at your friend’s wedding, look twice, because that might actually be your friends’ wedding shots.

In Korea, couples would like to go to fashionable studios to shoot their wedding shots, and Thank You Studio is one the studios that been highly rated among youngsters.

The studio has come up with a special package named “Thank You Wedding”, tailored for couples getting married in Autumn. The package price is very reasonable that ranges from 15,0000won to 35,0000won (1,000HKD – 2,350HKD), which already includes video production.

Let’s take a look their works and see how indifferent this weddings shots could be!

Image by. Thank You Studio

2. 10 by 10: Creative Envelopes for Wedding Gifts

Do you know what to prepare if you have to attend your Korean friends’ wedding? Let us show you one of the options for gifts.

Image by. 10 by 10 , 배달의민족

Different from Hong Kong’s red pocket for the newlyweds, Koreans will use white envelopes to hold the cash gifts. However, there are tricks to choose these envelopes, they will pick those with design details and words of greeting for their friends. Wonder where to buy those for your friends? Visit 10 by 10 and you will get it all sorted.

Remember do not embarrass yourself with any big red pockets, but prepare a clean neat white envelope if you are attending a Korean wedding.  

3.     Bouquet Gift: Let me protect your bridal bouquet!

Korean people believe if you return the bouquet as dried flower to the bride, is meaning to bless her health and longevity. Therefore, many people were tried to make it by themselves, but it’s hard as it takes a certain techniques.

Image by. 에이벨 플라워

To prevent them from failure, a lot of Korean florists have provided services of making the bouquet to “Bouquet Photo Frame”. They will help to dry the flowers, fix and decorate the frame, make it all presentable to be sent to the bride.

The production fee is usually around 50,000won each (350HKD). You can always tailor the design with details like names, wedding dates and other blessing that you would like to send to you friend to make it even more special. 

Here are our little tips on Korean weddings, remember also to send your friend our love when you are attending his or her wedding.

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