How to avoid the heat: Enjoy Hippest and Hottest Pool Party Best 3 Korean Hotel Pool Party

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In boiling hot days, it is a good idea to play and swim like crazy in water! It is a pool party that is popular among many countries, and it is now gaining same popularity from youngsters in Korea!

HKKK would like to introduce 3 distinctive pool parties for everyone, so those who has not visited Pool Party yet or want to feel Korean style summer party, must go and enjoy vivid kpop travel!

1.       Paradise City Korea: Pool Party for Hipsters

Image by. Paradise City 

Paradise City,   is famous among K-pop fans where the K-pop idol 2019 Blackpink had their promotion . It is a renowned multicultural resort with hotel, conference center, shopping center, art gallery, and spa.

Image by. Channel-korea

Its reputation attracts many celebrities to come and enjoy, especially last year wedding ceremony for kpop idol Taeyang and Min Hyorin was also held in this hotel, which became a magic wedding place for many K-pop fans!

paradise city

Image by. Paradise City

Time to hang out with bunch of hipsters in this hotel’s pool party!

<2019 Aqua Paradise Pool Party> will be held for 2 days from July 19th to July 20th. It will start from 3PM until midnight 12AM and you will feel super high as the sun fully goes down! Take a look at last year’s party and see how people enjoyed wild and wet party!

Video by. Paradise City

2019 Aqua Paradise Pool Party Details:

Organizer Website


19th July 2019  ~ 20th July 2019


3 PM-12AM


Paradise City Outdoor Pool

2. Jeju Island Hidden Cliff Hotel: Biggest Infinity Pool Party in Korea


 Image by. weheartin 

Have you seen the photo of Jackson a K-pop idol where he is chilling at the infinity pool?​

Don’t be upset that you cannot go to Phuket to take a picture like him, because Jeju Island’s <Jeju Hidden Cliff Hotel> also has unique Infinity pool!

Image by.

Jeju Hidden Cliff Hotel > is located in Jeju Island’s ecologically protected area, which is surrounded by a large forest that makes you to feel you are staying in an isolated world. One of the features in this hotel is its biggest infinity pool in entire Korea with 47m long. Have a look at the great nature scene from all over the place and feel the momentum walking into a paradise!

hidden cliff

Image by. Hidden Cliff 

If you do not like to have a daylight healing, wait until the night comes and ready to have a fun party!


Image by.

From June 1st to September 30th, Jeju Hidden Cliff Hotel is organizing <Glow Pool Party>. 3 foreign DJs will take their turns for everyone’s enthusiastic atmosphere! Not only you can enjoy Western style club tunes, but you can also listen to songs by kpop idol ! You can just sit and chill out in the pool or dive into water for crazy dance moves. Do not hesitate and come with your friends to have a frenzy night!

Glow Pool Party Details :

Organizer Website


1st June 2019  ~ 30th September 2019


7:30 PM-11PM


542, Yeraehaean-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea

3. Grand Walkerhill Seoul: Pool Party with various themes

If you are looking for a meaningful and unique Pool Party, then it is Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party by Grand Walkerhill Hotel for sure!

walkerhill hotel1

Image by. Grand Walkerhill Hotel

This Pool Party already has five years of history, and it is really energetic and has different themes every week!

walkerhill hotel

Image by. Grand Walkerhill Hotel

<2019 Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party> will be held in Grand Walkerhill Hotel from July 6th to August 24th starting at 7PM. With 8 parties in total, each of them has different theme! Different DJs and rappers will be invited to take turns to perform according to theme of the day. Popular songs and sexy dances under the fancy light effects will make your summer crazy! This pool party is worthy like the high quality party in Korea!

Do you think that there is a chance to see  kpop idol DJ Hyo in this party? Believe fans really hope to see her live performance!
Fans had their high hopes that they will be able to see her performed live!

Video by. Walkerhill The Festival

2019 Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party Details:

Organizer Website


6th July 2019  ~ 24th August 2019 (Saturdays only)




177, Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea

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