HKKK Summer Special: K-Pop Variety Show Party Games Sharing secret winning tips of the popular “Fruit Game” from tvN’s “New Journey to the West”

Enjoy watching K-Pop variety TV shows? While watching your favorite K-Pop idol oppas failing the games will give you giggles, you can also host a K-Pop summer party at home to play the fun and exciting Korean variety show games together with your fellow lovely K-Pop fans!

Join us to play trendy group games from Korean variety entertaining shows with Hong Kong’s one of a kind K-Pop dancing team SNDHK!

Guess who’s the ultimate winner, and who’s the blackhole loser of the “Game of Fruits”? Check out our latest video here:

“Fruit Game” is so popular among K-Pop fans as it is often played by our adorable K-Pop idols Song Minho, P. O., Ahn Jaehyun, and Kang Hodong in the top-rated Korean variety show “New Journey to the West”.

Oppas are so competitive in the game shows and often make jokes on each other, bringing a lot of laughter to the audience! 

Image by. tvN

Want to have fun of the game with your K-Pop friends? Here’s the game instructions with demo video below; stay on beat everyone, are you ready to play?

< How to play the game of fruits? >

    1. Name yourself after a fruit

Image by. tvN

2. With the count of 8 beats, call out the opponent fruit name in the last 2 beats.

Image by. tvN

3.  Defend against opponent’s attack

Image by. tvN

4. Then attack back and forth

Image by. tvN

5. Exchange attack and defense until one of the players makes a mistake

Still don’t know how to play? Don’t be nervous! Let’s watch the video below.

Video by. tvN 신서유기

< Secret Winning Tips for the Game of Fruits >

To become a master of this kind of rhythm game, there are two secret winning tricks we would like to share :

Secret Tip (1): Repeat & Repeat

When everyone is playing the game and shouting out fruit names, it is unavoidable that you will forget the fruit names of others. It’s also impossible to pause the game to let you think, as the beats keep going on. So what should you do when it’s your turn and you simply can’t think of a fruit name of other game members?

Image by tvN

The answer is to keep calling out the fruit name of YOURSELF! This way you can earn more buffer time in between to refresh your memory of other fruit names.

This secret tip is good for beginners, but when you keep on calling your own fruit name, keep the beat simple and try to recall the names of others to pass on the beat, or else it’s easy to make yourself lose in the game.

Secret Tip (2): Eye-Gazing

This is a tricky tip for smart players – when it’s your turn to call out fruit name, eye-gaze at the person whom you’re not going to call name, so as to distract others.

Image by Fox Taiwan

For example, when you have to attack the person named “Strawberry”, you shout out the fruit name but turn your head to look at the person named “Apple”. That’s it, you make everyone confused!

Reference Video :

video by Fox Taiwan

After learning these two secret winning tips, are you more confident to play the game now? Enjoy this fruit game together with your friends just like K-Pop idol oppas did in the program!

< About Stunning Dance HK >

Stunning Dance HK, aka SNDHK is Hong Kong’s K-pop cover dance team. From 2014, working hard on making K-pop cover dance videos and sharing on YouTube to show members’ love and passion toward K-pop dance. SNDHK already has 150 cover dance videos on YouTube, and the accumulated view number is 6.5 million.

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