[HKKK Summer Edition] Must-Go Dating Spots in Seoul Top 3 Trendy Hangout Spots for Lovebirds

The key for a sweet relationship is to stay passionate and caring to your other half, and surprising your love every once in a while is such a romantic act. If it happens that you lovebirds are heading to Seoul for this summer holiday, here are some inspirations for planning on your “hot date” with him or her!

Sharing the top 3 trendy dating spots, hold your lover’s hand and go for an unforgettable “hot date” in Seoul this summer!

☆BEST 3 Trendy Dating Spots in Seoul☆

Must-go No.3: Korean’s Best Café “Stylenanda Pink Pool”

This pinky wonderland is the Pink Pool Café , which is newly launched inside the Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae. The whole store is filled with glamourous pinky decors, perfect for your girl! 


When you walk into the store, the upbeat music and palm tree surrounding simply make you feel like entering into another chillaxing world. You can find Stylenanda’s cosmetics, clothes, swim suit and groceries etc on 1-3/F. The most instagrammable place is located on the 4/F, Korea’ Best Café, Pink Pool Café!


Even more surprise and instragram-worthy is the pastel pool inside this new Korean café!

With natural lighting gently beaming through the large windows, and the pastel-colored tiles with eye-catching neon lights, it is just the best and chic photo-spot in this Korean’s best cafe. 

Guys, bring your girlfriend here, taking the best photos for her and get the “likes” on Instagram! 





Seogyo-dong 335-21, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

Time and general enquiry contact

11AM – 11PM

+82 2-752-4546

☆Must-go No.2☆

Sunset beach in the concrete jungle: ‘ Roof top urban beach ’

Let’s take a minibreak chilling in the roof top bar, new Korean café, ‘Roof top urban beach’

Image by. chiii0904_,lllliiiijjjj

Filled with seaside atmosphere, the ground is covered with sand and the interior decorations are matched with the theme of beach. Together with the tropical trees and trendy house music, you would just want to lay around here all day long!

Image by. rooftop_urbanbeach

Order a cocktail here and chatting with your hearty one! This new Korean cafe is definitely the place for you.

Romantic atmosphere



Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 403-4, 6th floor

Time and  general enquiry contact

3PM – 1AM
+82 10-8887-2672


☆ Must-go No.1 ☆

A unique cinema to enjoy in water: ‘Cinema Pongdang’

2019 Hangang Summer Festival ‘Cinema Pongdang’ will be held every Friday in August.

Image by. Socarsharing

Nothing will be more romantic than watching movie on the tube and soak into stunning night views of Han river. It may definitely surprise your lover on this Korean trip. That could be more perfect for enjoying fried chicken and beer in this moment. 

+ HKKK recommendation: Screening movies in ‘Cinema Pongdang’ in August

1.       Back to Burgundy: story of three siblings trained in the art of winegrowing and production
2.       Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglement: a romantic comedy
3.       Veronica: horror movie based on a mysterious true story

Remember to make a reservation if you are interested.

Don’t miss this ‘Cinema Pongdang’ event, enjoy the tropical night around the river!

Romantic atmosphere



Mapo-gu, Hangang Nanji Road 162

Water playground in Nanji Hangang Park

Time and  general enquiry contact

2019.07.11(Thur) ~ 2019.8.16(Fri)

Every Friday

7 PM – 11PM +82 3780-0597~8

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