HKKK K-pop Variety Show Special EP.4: Party Game Ideas from K-pop Variety Show Chicken fight and Balloon boom game

Are you familiar with the traditional Korean game? We always watch the chicken fight games from Korea variety entertaining shows, do you want to give a try on it? Grab this chance and play the exciting games together with K-pop fans, feel like having a K-pop party!

In this episode, we have invited SNDHK, Hong Kong’s one of a kind K-Pop dancing team, and Flamingo, a Korean girl K-pop dance group to demonstrate for us. Do you want to know who would be our winner? Do check out our video!

Korea Traditional Game < Chicken fight game >         

Korean men love to play wrestling in autumn since ancient times. A competition of strength and skills in the battlefield, become a national sport of Korean now. In order to let everyone to enjoy the wrestling, it simplifies to chicken fight.

Image by.  Gim Hongdo, 씨름

After having a deeper understanding of chicken fight, we will show you the hacks of playing chicken fight, are you ready?

Sure win Hacks of chicken fight game!

Image by sportschosun

1. Shout suppression “ARRRRRRRRRRR”

Yelling loudly and gazing at your enemy at the same time while you quickly rushing to him. It can strengthen your momentum and weaken his momentum. What is the key element of winning a game? The proud and confident! Don’t be scared if you are the beginner without skills, just be confident and yell to the enemy.

Image by 놀라운 토요일

2. Know your enemy

You should always keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Characteristics of each levels:

Beginner – no confidence, weird posture, easy to lose balance while playing the game

Intermediate – Aggressive, moving forward without a plan or stand in the corner

Expert – full of confidence, great balance between gravity and elasticity. Observe the situation and attack in the best timing.

Image by knowing brother

3. Hacks for experts: Mind game

Playing the mind game is the key point to win when you are facing 1 on 1 situation. Don’t try to do confrontation as much as possible, otherwise you will be loser. Therefore, the most important thing is to divert enemy’s attention, attrack him when he lose balance.

Chicken Fight is very popular among Koreans and Korean Idols, as long as you have healthy legs, you can play it! Gathering your friends and have a K-Pop Game Party!

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