HKKK K-pop Variety Show Special EP.3: Party Game Ideas from K-pop Variety Show Song Guessing with 1-second-Intros

Always thinking of what to do when you are having gatherings with you friends? Come and watch our episode on “Party Game Ideas from K-pop Variety Show, we have handpicked some of the most popular games from Korean variety entertaining shows to share with you, which you must not miss!

In this episode, we have invited SNDHK, Hong Kong’s one of a kind K-Pop dancing team, and Flamingo, a Korean girl k-pop dance group to demonstrate for us. Do you want to know who would be our winner? Do check out our video!

Isn’t it fun to watch? We assure you that it is fun to play too. However, before inviting your friends over, would you like to get more tips from your favorite k-pop idols in how to be on top of the game? Let’s watch a few clips from the Korean variety show, see if you could learn some a trick or two.

1. Song analysis expert – Kim Hee-chul

Image by tistory

When it comes to ‘Song Guessing with 1-second-Intros’, you must need to know Kim Hee-chul. Whether it’s a ballad from the 90s, or a newly released dance song, Kim could tell the correct answer by listening just with the 1-second-Intros. He can even tell the year of release and dance the signature moves of every song he guessed.

Video by. 아는 형님 

2. Human Music Box – Lee Su-geun

Image by naver blog

If you are a fan of ‘Journey to the West’, then ’Song Guessing with 1-second-Intros’ would not be a new game to you. The production team usually chooses old songs, which is exactly Lee Su-geun’s arena. Let’s watch a clip on how Lee works his magic.

Video by. 신서유기 

3. Ballad expert – K.will

Ballad singer K.will once battle with Kim Hee-chul in Korean variety show, ‘The Knowing Brothers’, to guess ballad songs with 1-second-Intros. He proposed this battle because he thought that Hee-chul know more about dance songs, finally they got into a tie, which proves K.will’s ability.

video by. 아는형님 

Have you learnt anything from these three clips ? Now, start calling your friends and be ready for a K-pop Game Party !

< About Stunning Dance HK >
Stunning Dance HK, aka SNDHK is Hong Kong’s K-pop cover dance team. Making K-pop cover dance videos and sharing on YouTube since 2014 to show members’ love and passion towards K-pop dance. SNDHK has already produced 150 cover dance videos on YouTube, and recorded 6.5 million accumulative viewership.

< About Flamingo >
Flamingo is the leading Korean girl dance team of HK PolyU, and has grown with passion and effort for the last three years since 2016. Major activities include K-POP cover dance uploads on the official Facebook page, various dance performances on and off campus such as VI5E concert organized by Korean Students’ Union in Hong Kong.

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