Handpick Playlist for Autumn: K-pop songs to be listened to when you are missing someone Try to listen to this playlist when you are missing someone

Autumn is always seemingly to be the shortest one among the four seasons, yet most people still like autumn the most. Autumn helps to cope with the transition from the warm, bright summer to the cold, biting winter, one will easily feel sad and sorrow and will miss someone inexplicably.

HKKK handpicks 5 K-pop songs to share with you. They include songs from K-pop idol and also cover versions, might these songs accompany you through this autumn.

1. IU – Autumn morning(2017)


가을 아침 내겐 정말 커다란 행복이야.

Image by Youtube

The warm sunshine, the crisp tweeting, a slight touch of chilly breeze, together with IU’s energetic voice, have made the best Autumn morning ringtone.

The silvery voice of IU seems could be able to purify the air and our hearts. In the first half of the song, her singing without background music depicted a drawing of the autumn morning. 

Take a deep breath, say morning to you partner and let’s welcome a great day in Autumn.

Video by Iam JerryC

2. Vibe – Fall in fall (2018)

난 가을 타나봐

Image by SBS news

Autumn Sorrow, a special emotion that belongs to the season. The one song that we think can perfectly representing the emotion must be Fall In Fall sang by Vibe.

The two members use their deep and sensual voices to draw the inward world of theirs that is full of loneliness and thoughts. It can perfectly sing out your thoughts for the one you missed.

Video by 노래중독 BGM

3. Taeyeon - Time Walking on Memory

바람을 타고 쓸쓸히 춤추는 저 낙엽위에도

Image by Epochtimes

“Time Walking on Memory” is a cover version from Taeyeon, which is originally sang by Nell. This version has brought out the sentimental side of Autumn from a girl’s perspective, when you see every object, every people, you could only relate them to the one you are missing. Taeyeon has definitely added her flair to the song.

No wonder Nell has spoken publicly that this version is the best cover version yet to have.

Video by Emily

4. Henry Lau- I love you (2019) live version

하지만 난 사랑할래 너를 꼭 닮은 그녀와

Image by Begin again 3

People say Autumn is the season of missing, the dropping temperature and the despairing vibe reminding you some sort of sad moments of life.

In “Begin Again 3”, Henry has covered the song “I Love You” in one of their busking session. By the Italian seaside, together with his sexy voice and gentle piano accompaniment, cast a spell and bring us all to the past and can’t stop think of the one we love. Let’s see who will you think of?

Video by Begin again 3

5. Paul Kim – Me after you (2019)

너를 만나 참 행복했어

Image by 1theK

To end the playlist, let’s listen to a sweet love song from Paul Kim. He uses his steady and strong voice, shows us that love actually happens in small yet blissful everyday happenings. The song also reminds us to treasure the one you love. Share this song to your Mr. / Ms. Right and spread the love!

Video by 1theK

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