Extreme Job – Korean food popular fried chicken on the movie screen Korea's best blockbuster movie of the year

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What comes to your mind when you are asked for Korean food recommendation?
Must be Korean food popular fried chicken with beer or fried chicken flavored potato chips.
HKKK is not writing about the Korean food recommendation this time, but the most popular movie Extreme Job.

As soon as you look at its name, you will realize that this movie is about the story between police and crime. The story tells that five police officers have bought a fried chicken restaurant near the drug dealer’s safehouse in order to chase and monitor them. But who would thought that the Korean food popular fried chicken business is getting better and better, and it has become a Korean food recommendation must-go restaurant? After all, will they eventually switch to selling fried chicken or successfully arrest drug dealers? The result is not much to say, everyone should go and watch it!

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The box office of this movie has surpassed “Along with the Gods” and what success factors can make this movie so popular with the Korean audience? HKKK found out two reasons!

1. Extreme Job: Sticking to the ground and populating the plot
The whole story is surrounded by fried chicken. The reason why fried chicken became a national food in Korea is that a piece of advertisement in the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan is a key factor. At that time, people gathered at the Korean food popular fried chicken restaurant ate fried chicken with beer, so the Korean’s love for fried chicken has dramatically increased. In the occasions of gatherings, outings, and watching movies, you will see the appearance of fried chicken. Therefore, using fried chicken to make the main axis of the movie is completely resonating with Koreans.

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2. Extreme Job: Accurate laughter timing
It is not easy to make a good comedy movie. It is important to calculate all the laughs, and the harmony between the actors is important. There is no need to say much about each character. The number of laughs and the timing are just accurate. And the atmosphere of this movie is not too heavy, so the laughter in the cinema will never stop, and the audience will laugh out from the bottom of their hearts

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After talking for so long, do you want to watch it right now ? Hurry up and buy Korean food popular fried chicken, while chewing the taste of fried chicken and watching the movie !

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