Enjoy yourself with a drink in an artsy bar! Jean Frigo

Most travelers would hop at the Seoul cafesbut how about bars? The vibrant nightlife of Seoul should not be missed out by visitors. Some may dislike the noisy environment of bars. If you want to relax and enjoy yourself with a drink after a day-long visit, this bar would be a good place – Jean Frigo. 

Jean Frigo is located at an alley in Dongdaemun. It looks like a simple store with a red brick wall. And all you can see from outside is its big refrigerator with lots of fruit, one would easily miss out this bar when passing by. 

Image by herenow.city 

Image by herenow

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official  

However when you go in, you’ll see a signage marked “Here” with an arrow. The refrigerator is actually an entrance. Just walk into, then you’ll see the bar. 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official , haramgoon 

This 2-storey bar is designed with an artistic retro touchThe patio on the first floor provides a relaxing environment for customers with the greens and natural sunlight. 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official  

Image by danielfooddiary, herenow 

When you walk along the stairs to the second floor, you will find a gallery wall posted with artistic photos. 

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Second floor is the dining hall, with an industrial style decor, matches with art pieces. The whole floor is set with many private areas. So one can drink or dine alone confortably hereeven with lots of selfies. 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official 

To place your order or request for service, simply dial 100 with the vintage public phone after inserting a 100 won coin in. This phone does not just a decorative art piece, but also in practical use. 

Image by herenow 

Actually,  Fruit   is the theme for Jean Frigo. This unveils the mystery of their shop front fruits display.  Therefore how you can miss the fruity cocktails at their bar?!  

One of their signature drinks is “Daughter Fool”(ddal-ba-bo), a cocktail mixed with strawberry, banana and vodka. You can imagine the sweet fruity taste that blends well with the vodka’s intense.  Another signature drink called “Han River’s Miracle” (hangang-e-gijoek) which is made with Korean shochu, lemon juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit syrup with soda water. Don’t forgot to try it if you are fans of cocktail! 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official 

Image by herenow

Jean Frigo also operates as a café in daytime. They provide not only fruits drinks, dried fruits, sandwiches and fruit platter, but also spaghetti which is quite popular as well! 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official 

Jean Frigo is artsy yet tastyIt’s a good choice whether you want to enjoy a drink alone or dining with friends and family. Save it to your “to-go” list when travelling to Seoul next time! 

Image by IG jeanfrigo_official 



Date & Time 

Monday ~ Thursday 



Friday ~ Saturday  

(*Close at Sunday 



Toegye-ro 62-gil, Gwanghuidong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 


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