Countdown List for “Most Welcomed Christmas Gifts During the 90s for Kids”? Most welcomed toys in Korea during 1980/90s

“Christmas Time is in the Air!”

Christmas is for sure the most anticipated holiday of the year, one of the reasons would be there are always gifts for everyone! In order to show you how Koreans live their Christmas in the 80s and 90s, HKKK will show you the countdown list for “Retro Christmas Gifts for Kids”

#4: “Tamagotchi” – The Hottest Handheld Digital Pet in 1990s

Image by. Bandai

“Tamagotchi” is the living memory of every kids’ born during 1980/90s. It was first launched by Bandai company in 1996 and instantly become one of the biggest toy fads.

Image by. Bandai

With only three buttons, you can complete all commands and tasks, the simplicity has caused a huge attraction to kids.  The first generation has only had black-and-white displays, while the latest generation has already plugged with colored screens and even can be connecting with friends via Bluetooth. Isn’t it amazing?

#3: “Ice Cream Punch Ball” – The Prank Toy

Image by. DIY material

When electronic games haven’t been the mainstream for gaming, kids prefer playing collective games which they can interact. “Ice Cream Punch Ball” has become one of the most welcomed toys by the time.

The ice cream like sponge will attack your aimed target with a slight push of the button on the cone. It won’t hurt since it is made by sponge, yet it still serves the purpose of a prank, which is perfect for kids who love to joke around. 

Let’s see how kids “BATTLE” with the ice-cream punch ball in Korea!

Video by. 이선향자매

Besides to use it as punishment in the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, kids use their creativity and serve it as a prop when they are playing “Hide-and-seek”. The seeker has to successfully attack the concealed players when they are bring found to win.

The ice cream punch ball might look simple and naive, but when you have a big group of friends to play with you, even the most basic games would become interesting.

#2: “Princess Horse” – The Must-have Item for a Princess

Image by. 빈티지팩토리Naver Blog

Can you imagine a “Princess Horse” is the hottest toy among girls born in the 1990s? The reason behind is because of the two comics, “Lady Lovely Locks” and “My Little Pony”.

Image by. Lady Lovely Locks  ,My Little Pony

The two comics has brought the craze to act as princess in Korea and every girl would like to have a horse exactly as those princesses. The only answer you would get would be “YES!” with “Have you ever ride a princess horse?” among Korean girls born in the 90s.

#1: “Pogo Stick” – Jump, Jump Higher!

Image by.Growth Kong Kong 

“Pogo Stick” is for sure the “#1 Christmas Gift for kids in Korea” in the 90s.

With a pogo stick, you can jump off the ground in a standing position through the aid of a spring! You can jump higher with a harder press and every kid just loves it. 

Let’s check our how you could play with your friends when it comes to the pogo sticks.

Video by. tvN D ENT

After looking into the “Countdown List for “Most Welcomed Christmas Gifts During the 90s for Kids”, did it recall any of your childhood memories? If you are still planning for Christmas Gifts for your kids or your friends, let’s get a retro toy and share your childhood memory with them.

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