Best Place to travel in Korea in 2020: The romantic winter garden of Jeju Island! Camellia Hill

Stepping into winter, apart from the snowing scenery, the camellia garden in Jeju Island is also one of the must-see tourist spots. Camellia is also called as “dongbeak” in Korean. This is also the character name of the actress Gong Gyojin in the TV drama《When the Camellia Blooms》.

Today, HKKK will be bringing you to the romantic camellia garden in Jeju Island – Camellia Hill!

Image by zaiseoul

Camellia Hill is the largest camellia garden with the biggest varieties of camellias in the world  –  over 500 varieties from more than 80 countries with over 6000 plants.  The best visiting time is between December to February.  The colder the weather is, the more beautiful the camellia will be.

Image by 카멜리아

Image by IG. ghsjsdl

There are around 20 photo points in the garden.  Simply follow the map provided there.  You don’t need to understand Korean to explore the garden with those cute self-explanatory drawings.

Image by 카멜리아

When all the camellias bloom, the whole garden will become a wonderland-like scenery filled up with colours. Every photos you take will easily become post-cards.

Image by IG. mingz_yy, gue_rimi

Camellia also implies “You are the only love” (그대만을 사랑해) in floriography. Therefore, it has attracted a lot of lovers and couples to take photos there. No wonder it becomes one of most popular places in Korea!

Image by 한국관광공사

Image by IG. th_u_bin , h.oeee_

What if you get tired in such a huge camellia wonderland? Feel free to drop by their green-house café, enjoy a cup of floral tea under the sunshine surrounded by the camellia. You can even buy some camellia products there as souvenirs.

Image by IG. s_yeon19_w, camelliahilljeju

Image by blog

Still looking for any attraction in Jeju Island? Bring your friends and go into the romantic garden!

HKKK Tips:

Despite of its name, Camellia Hill also held Hydrangea Festival during summer season. If you can’t make it in winter, why not summer?

Organizer Website

Date &  Time

December to February:

08:30 – 17:00


March to May, September to November:

08:30 – 17:30


June to August:

08:30 – 18:00

General Enquiry Contact


Ticketing Channel


TEL: +82 64-792-0088


Adult:8,000 (around 56HKD)

Teenager(below 18):6,000 (around 42HKD)

Child(below 12):5,000(around 35HKD)



166, Byeongang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju Island 63526, South Korea

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