A Tour the first Coin Norebang in Hong Kong Real life Korean Karaoke!

Let’s tour around with us the very first Korean Coin Karaoke in Hong Kong!


As a K-pop fan, could not find the music video of his/her idol might be the biggest worry when going to a karaoke. However, it won’t be a problem anymore if you are going to the Coin Karaoke we are introducing today – CONO.

CONO has everything you need for a Korean karaoke, latest K-pop songs, Korean ramen and Soju etc, which make you feel like being in Korea when you visit here.

 Although CONO is a Coin Karaoke, you do not have to prepare any coins when you visit, because they accept Octopus too. Isn’t it convenient?


Sunday – Thursday

3 PM – 12AM

Friday and Saturday

3 PM – 3AM

General Enquiry

TEL: 2285 8878





Shop A, Luen Gay Apartments Nos, 9, 9A-9C Davis St, Kennedy Town

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