3 Korean Horror movies keep you up all night Korean Horror movie Top 3

Korean Horror movie is already being known by the world and form a very important part of the Korean entertainment industry.

With Halloween approaching, HKKK would like to share with you 3 classics. Are you ready for it?

#1 – The Wailing (2016)

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The Wailing, directed by Hong-jin Na, with a 6.8million viewing record and admitted to the Cannes Film Festival, has proven how scary the movie would be.

A serious of mysterious deaths starts after a Japanese man arrived in to a small rural village. The local police starts investigating and with it seems to be related to some kind of cult practices,,, The movie did not give a clear answer on who is the murderer, so why don’t you share your thoughts with us after watching it?

Degree of horror: 5/10
Intensity: 8/10

#2 – Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

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video by. 車庫娛樂

The movie is inpsired by Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, which is a already been abandoned and it has been named as one of “7 freakiest places on the planet” in 2012.

A horror channel recruited a group of people to visit Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital and do a live broadcast. People start dying in the tour, but the host insist that the participants have to finish the tour…

The movie is shot by using the “found footage subgenre” style (i.e. discovered a lost video), which has made the movie so real that audience will fall for the plot and feel the terror themselves when watching the movie.  

Degree of horror: 8/10
Intensity: 6/10

#3 – Whispering Corridors (1998 - 2012)


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Known as most classic horror movies series in Korean, Whispering Corridors has first been launched in 1998 and returned with 4 sequels in later years. The series reveal and discuss the relationships between students, pressure from studies and also other social issues in a Girls’ High School.

The film became a big commercial success as it re-created “Korean horror movie” at the time and has come up with a new genre among horror movies. Pinpointing the issues of students facing is another reason for the big hit. With the huge pressure from studying, suicide among students is very common in Korea. There is record that in every 2.74 days, one student would commit suicide. Whispering Corridors discuss the topic with an exaggerate form, but it is a killer reminder to the public to face it rather than running from it.

Degree of horror: 9/10
Intensity: 9/10


Hope you like the horror movies we shared and have a Happy Halloween ahead.

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