2020 Best Korean Place to Travel: Let’s find out the giant hand in the sea! Korea Pohang Tourist Spot – Homigot, the tiger’s tail cape.

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Planning for your Korea trip and still thinking to visit Seoul or Busan? Why not other places out of Seoul?  This time, HKKK will bring you to Pohang city, an ideal place to kick start the year of 2020.

Some of you might have heard about the city Pohang in the Korean variety shows, such as . In that episode, Song Ji-Hyo brought Lee Dong-Wook to her hometown – Pohang. The place has soon become a popular Korean travel spot after the show.

Image by SBS, Running Man

The shape of the Korean Peninsula is often compared to a tiger. Homigot is located at the eastern end of the peninsula, on a cape equivalent to the tail of a tiger, so it was named as “Tiger’s Tail Cape” (Homigot). It is where you can see the earliest sunrise in Korea, making it the most popular Korean travel spot for seeing sunrise. Sunrise Festival is also hosted on 1st January every year at the Sunrise Square to celebrate the New Year.

Not just that! A pair of giant hand sculpture are placed there, one is in the middle of the square, then where is the other one?

When you look upon the ocean, we’ll see the other giant hand sculpture standing there in the water. This two-part bronze sculpture is called “Sangsaeng’s Hand (meaning coexistence in Korean), constructed in December 1999, symbolizing hope for the future, everyone helping and supporting each other for a better life.

Image by Ctrip

During sunrise, when the sunbeam shines on the hand sculpture, it looks so magical. No wonder it attracts so many visitors to capture that post card-liked scenery there.

HKKK Tips:

There are more to see in Pohang city , such as “ Guryongpo Modern Culture and History Street” where is famous of the Japanese style buildings.  Korean drama 《 When the Camellia Blooms 》casted by  Gong Hyo-jin and Kang Ha-neul, was also filmed here. It’s worth to take a walk to explore more in that beautiful place.

Image by Blog Tommytwkr

Image by KBS 동백꽃 필무렵

If you are interested in scenery photography, Pohang-Homigot should be on your list for Korean travel. In 2020, go have a memorable and special Korea trip with friends!  

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