2019 Korean Fashion Trends: Matchy Couple Outfit Ideas for Cool Summer Showing Love In Style

When you are so much drenched in love, you just want to twin-up with your other half to do everything together, to look the same in a stylish way.

Whether you love birds are matched in same color tone, pattern, or just some cute couple accessories, matching couple outfit is surely a romantic way to make a loud love statement!

Inspired by the 2019 Korean fashion trends, we have prepared an ultimate list of couples matching outfits ideas just for you guys!

Check this out and take your relationship to the next level!

Image by. blackblossom

1. ‘Trendsetting K-Pop Idols!’ - Dress in the Retro Way

When it comes to popular Korean couple fashion trends, no one has a better taste than Hyuna and E’dawn.

They once had a photoshoot for a Korean fashion magazine by wearing this vintage outfit, leaving a great impression to the audience.
The shirts were different but came in a total look as a pair of perfectly matched couple. Good choice of the color tone and texture!

Next time when you do the mix and match, don’t forget that texture is an important element of your outfit!

2. ‘Living in a Metropolis’ - Chic it in your city style

What to wear to your casual workplace when you want to show affection in low key way? 

A one-piece dress with same color suit creating the modern city vibe will be a best choice for you. Navy blue reflects a cool and sensibility lifestyle, calmness and mature.  This matching outfit is popular dress code for the workplace. It becomes a fashion trends in South Korea.

Don’t hesitate, shop the same color outfit with your partner!

3. ‘It’s a lazy summer day’ - Summer Breezy Style

This matching outfit got a right balance between comfort and style. Don’t forget that the most comfortable clothes can be stylish too!

In addition, summer is the nice timing to find a new pair of sandals. A good matching beige sandals obviously is a hack to uplift your whole summer cozy look.

Grab a beige shirt and start your summer vacation!

4. ‘Pattern is the new trend!’ - Hippies’ Bohemian Style

Let’s try the bohemian style couple look!

Bohemian style is popular during the 1960s and 1970s and it’s now comeback to be a popular Korean fashion trends again!
When you go on a honeymoon in this summer time, nothing looks cooler than putting similar ethnic pattern one piece dress and shirt!
Wide-brimmed and fashionable sunglasses will have you looking like a boho dream.

Let’s master the modern bohemian style together!

Take your relationship and style trends to the next level after watching the above popular Korean fashion trends hacks.
Be the most fashionable and ‘matchy’ couple in this summer!

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