2019 K-Pop Travel: Experience “Train to Busan” in real Seoul Zombie Run 2019

When mentioning about zombies, everyone will instantly think about a Korean zombie movie “Train to Busan”.

Image by. Train to Busan

Korean top star Gong Yoo’s performance made many audiences thought that they were really facing zombies and ran away from them.
Then it is time to make your kpop travel unique with !

Image by. Zombie Run Official Facebook

<Zombie Run>, a horror race that must succeed in escape from zombies just like this movie “Train to Busan”, will held at Let’s Run Park in Seoul from October 26th ! This year’s Zombie Run will be divided into 10 times from afternoon to late evening.

Image by. Zombie Run Official Facebook

This year’s Zombie Run will come back with more realistic zombies just like in a movie that will maximize your tension. You might get caught by zombies, so try everything to escape from them and show your challenge spirit!

Video by. Zombie Run Official Facebook

Difficulty Level


Fear Intensity




Survival Package

Small bag, Zombie Run Sticker,
3 Life Bands, Life Belt, Entance wrist band, Number Tag

*Survival Souvenir will be announced.


Image by.좀비런 02

Participants have to run 3KM course to avoid zombies and obstacles and complete assigned missions, and must protect the life strap attached to the waist until they get to the final destination.

Sometimes, there are lots of couples arguing leaving their girlfriends behind, so do not forget to hold hands and run together!

Image by. Zombie Run Official Facebook

Play hide and seek with Korean zombies. Make your kpop travel to Seoul and have a round of match in Seoul Zombie Run!

Organizer Website






8:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM / 9:00 PM ~10:00 PM

*please arrive 1hour before the game time to get the ticket and get ready for the game.

*participants will be grouped in 10 people for the game



Ticketing Channel

Ticket Booth Open

Online Reservation



Let’s run park seoul

107 Gyeongmagongwon-daero, Gwacheon-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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